About your Devota

Love you Swaraswati Devi

চোখের কোণে জমে থাকা
এক ফোঁটা জল
বিষন্নতার চিহ্ন
মুখের কোণে ঝুলে থাকা
এক চিলতে হাসি
ভাল থাকার প্রয়াস।

“Well, I’m currently an assistant producer at Gazi Satellite Television Ltd (GTV), where I am responsible for several TV program especially expert in documentary film title by "Bangali Bishwmoy". Later assist with "School E Obosorey". I also handle our program coordination part. Before that, I worked at MeghPori Films™ & still related with this organization where I am the founder director & made several TV fiction. And while I really enjoyed the work that I did, I’d love the chance to dig in much deeper with one specific TV channel, which is why I’m so excited about this opportunity with GTV.”

“I am a dedicated person with a team of certain production. I enjoy reading, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my teaching skills and presentation abilities. I have been successful at raising a production, and I attribute this success to my ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once. This flexibility will help me in the corporate world, where there are many different personalities and learning styles.”

I believe in this quote: "It's not how much you have but how much you enjoy that makes happiness". -- Prem Devota

Warning advisory: ""Never believe in my eyes and stay away from my smile...""



The Emotion Between Devota & Devi.